who is an artist ?

There is a common misunderstanding that artists are born, not made. But if we look throughout history we find thousands of examples of just the opposite. For instance, Mozart is often considered to be the definition of a “child prodigy” with natural talent. But did you know that Mozart was taught by his father who was a music teacher and pianist? He later became friends with one of the most powerful composers of the era (Haydn) by the age of 8, and had already toured the world, and played more concerts than artists 4 times his age. Of course there is also an element of luck and timing in all of this as well, however this isn’t an isolated example. Look at  Picasso, Raphael, Titian, Andy Warhol, etc. etc. for further examples. And you’ll find the same thing time, and time again. All of them spent a tremendous amount of time working on their art and many became apprentices at very young ages to older and more experienced artists.  So no, artists are not born (if anything they are born into the perfect era), they are made through hard work (which most artists enjoy doing, so you don’t have to call it “work”)
For those of you who wish to achieve master status you should be aware that it takes years, and years of work. If you managed to work 8 hours a day, every day, it would take four years to complete (Ironically the same time it would take to complete a Undergraduate degree). However, if you wish to set your goals a bit lower than there is nothing wrong with that. 

Source - http://painting-course.com


Little black boy

The other day I was waiting in the Prefecture... like FRRO office in Toulouse, to get my French papers in order.
Went to the loo and I was just using the wash-basin near the Women's toilet, when a not-so-fat-looking, African woman in her colourful boubou stopped me in the middle, to say...
wait, Just to tell you that in Prefecture, 80 percent foreigners come to get their papers done. And we quickly exchanged smiles and not 'bonjour' before she stopped me abruptly...
So she politely and confidently asked me in French, " Could you hold my baby for 2 minutes while I go to the toilet ?" I was so touched by the trust she showed in me.
In  France, this would happen rarely. She gave me her baby in my arms even before I could say 'Yes' or...
I asked her how old is he? 7 months cute looking black boy, right in my arms, there! We were alone, looked at each other. It was such a surprise to me, I tried hiding my emotions to him or his Mom.
We played, side and seek (in my arms), he smiled, he clung on to my shoulders and laid near my neck with his head slightly touching my head/ right side near chin.
What a lovely feeling, all of a sudden, in the middle of Prefecture!
While I had the boy in my arms, I made sure I was talking to him, making some sounds, to assure the woman in the toilet, that I didn't run away with her kid.
Why ? She seemed confident. Because this has never happened with me before with a stranger in France.
In India, this would be so obvious that I don't even need to right a blog on it.
She came out, patiently washed her hands well. The kid was patiently waiting too, and there we go. She said Thanks and I said, he was very cute. Almost felt like saying- thanks- tnx for trusting me and thinking capable of doing it, trusting another woman, a stranger and that too foreigner, a brown Indian looking woman.


He took my heart away

Last time I was in India (2 months ago), very interesting thing happened with me.
I was going to Gurgaon by Metro, to a big (supposedly) Art event.
But all these new institutes are hard to find thesedays, til Metro you're not lost. But then, how do you think the Auto-ricksha walas know where is AL 133- 4c block for example, it's all new in Gurgaon.
Anyway, I was very motivated to go there, all alone and I got down from Metro in Gurgaon and took an auto. Ofcourse I bargained, there are too many, so you can easily do that. One young thin, well- looking Auto wala agreed to take me to this wierd address in the price I wanted to pay him for.
Some music in his rickshaw, bollywood posters and decorated, full of energy!

We reached the place, the ART gallery. Now ? It was already dark, everyone there had a driver waiting for them outside in their cars, in the middle of nowhere.
I was the odd one. So just to make sure that, that night I reached back home, on time, not too late. I asked him if he could wait 20 minutes in that area, especially if he sees no other client ? As I told you, there were only cars and the good proper crowd, not even foot-pathers around.

I was so lucky, he said," I need to get Gas refilled in my Auto, it will also take 20-30 minutes." He even added that I could call him, when I'm free, so that he could be at my service. (As you know Auto-wallas have friends everywhere, can talk hours with just anyone, kill time.) Just to make sure I don't have to wait for him, I could call him, call-a-cab kinds. So I took his mobile number (all in english)
I realised at that very moment, I had NO BALANCE in my mobile, oh shit!! I laughed at me and frankly told him, "oh I have no balance! How will I call you? Could you call me instead,... after 20-25 minutes, or when you're done?.." He smiled, it was an odd situation for both of us. We almost laughed.
Like as if we were dating !!
I expalined to him clearly," please come or send another Rickshaw as there were NO rickshaws around that deserted place" . There were very less chances of me meeting someone nice at the party, and leaving the party at the same time as me...People generally come at that time, when I wanted to leave... anyway, the Rickshaw ride was getting more adventurous than any other thing!
He said ok he'd call me and he left....with the wind.
So I was seeing the exhibition, walking around, some camera flashes, wine and hellos. I was watching time at the same time, already 20 minutes. Good. we're on time. I even met one of my X- professors from art College, then I made a quick move saying,... "was nice meeting, I need to go" . Coz ??  I GOT HIS CALL.
Yes, he called me, as I had'nt saved the number, I picked up and he was like- "ya, it's me, I'm waiting outside" ... HILARIOUS ! If anyone knew of what was going in my head during that Inauguration !!! 2 different worlds... was sooo funny. As if I was more excited to leave, than be there for some more time, drinking wine, snacks, meeting more not-so-smiling people, or smiling only for Cameras, amidst elite class, paparazzi and bad art.
Anyway, so I go out from there, looking after my charming prince waiting, lol kidding! I need to face this moment. We smiled at each other...Without talking, I get on in his Rickshaw.
We didn't talk / the price was already fixed, he would not even ask me where or what I was doing 'there', I would not ask him- is gas re-filled? ...
what would we talk about ? But we had built a connection.
I was happy that I got back at time, at Gurgaon metro...I didn't have to endlessly wait for a Rickshaw. He drove very fast, we both seemed happy, I think by our mutual understanding. I wanted to say so much to him, ask about him, why he was such a nice guy, honest and innocent.
But, I was so much in a surprise that I could not utter a word. He could my mind though and read my face.
While leaving, I paid and smiled-laughed mixed up and said 'thanks' Shukriya... !

His kindness, honesty, obedience made my day and saved my life.
Imagine 8.30 PM, alone girl, it's all dark, with NO balance in her phone and no rescue Rickshaw ??
Thank gracious, there are days like these, we meet such nice people unexpectedly and leave a souvenir. I felt blessed !



What it means to you ?....

Now it has been years n years that I have been shuffling between two different worlds, 2 cultures and mindsets. I have been away from my family mostly, except this year and in 2011 I was able to be near my parents for more than a half year.
I was disappointed to see at what level things had changed in India, especially everyone around has changed. Even me. Times we used to go out together, have fun, get crazy and get togethers.... only memories now.
Now, today, everyone is so busy in his or her life. Lots of other issues.
My heart feels lonely, craves for that family and human warmth and simply love.

Other thing is, because my partner is not from India, I was expecting a wide-arm-open-welcome for him from my people. I had been talking to him about our Indian families, so much love, affection and closeness
 I feel sorry for him that I'm not always able to show him the real Indian love I had dreamt of.... although he never complained, he likes them all as much as he has known them.
People have changed, traditions are changing, values are changing.... relationships are going through transformations.
But I have been disappointed by selfishness, ego, jealousy, ignorance of certain people back in India.
I feel helpless


MUMBAI ki baarish

Comment les gens , marcher dans l'eau stagné par la pluie, peuvent s'amuser d'y marcher ??

Voila l'example. A Mumbai, LE MOUSSON EST ARRIVÉ.



Kaun hai asli kaun hai nakli

RAMDEV'S SCAM : Indian Masala news are the real spicy ones.

Now, how would you judge a BABA, guru, a Saint, a Yoga guru of 21st century to be a real one ?
To update you guys about some 'fake' / fraud/ 'DHONGI Gurus in India.
You can check out more in news:



Il fait une greve anti-corruption, toute en etant lui-meme corrumpu, plein d'argent en Black non seulement en INDE mais à l'etranger.
Les supports politiques sont y présent ! Alors, c'est le bordel complet.
Entre ses FANS illettrés et quelques lettrés influençable..... je ne sais ou on va !


Journée Inde 26FevToulouse

J'anime une journée porte ouverte sur l'Inde avec Association PARLE
Pour promouvoir la langue, la culture, la danse etc....

Rendezvous le samedi 26 fevrier 2011 de 14h30 à 18h30

Carrefour Culturel Arnaud Bernard
3 rue Escoussières Arnaud-Bernard
Toulouse, France 31 000

Plus d'info: Saraswati
Tel : 0 six 26 dix neuf 87 zero 5

- Accueil et discussion
- Projection d'un film (surprise)
- Atelier Langue Hindi
- thé / chai et gâteaux
- initiation à Yoga
- démonstration de Danse


Videos from India 2010

Dargah Delhi, August : Sufi chants

Freddo trying out indian pottery at Farms

DELHI ZOO huge birds

Peacock in September....delhi zoo

Common Wealth Games 2010

KASAULI, himalyas

Surprise !!!!! ......

When he likes sleeping in Indian transports.

Kerala backwaters Monsoon !!

THEKADDY, kerala panoramic view

Munnar, hill station of Kerala


New video- FILM

Hi guys !
I'm excited about the film I'm working on.
I wonder sometimes if there is a Yash raj or RG verma hidden inside me. Lol.
Well, I hope to come out as an original film-maker though.

So talking about my new film. It has got a story line, but as short as the duration of the film.
You know what I mean. It starts with some , few , no ... many dancers dancing in the Woods of Cergy. Then somewhere hidden behind tress is another story going on. Let's find out.
You think I'm going to write whole script or story ? No. I prefer make it and show it through my film.
I just love choreographing songs. There's something that inspires me through these big sets of Om shanti Om, the biggest hit of 2008...
Does whole world see these Bollywood films same as we Indians see ?
What is message behind the dreamy songs, kitch dresses n lyrics ?
It's a long story !...a never ending story.
Anyway, some details about my under-construction film.
I'll be rehearsing on 31 May, in Cergy.
Will shoot, the Grand Shooting on 1 June.... !! And yes, there is no 'title' to it yet. It'll come with the editing part...it's just the very very beginning now.

Touch wood ! Yes, the woods of cergy :)